The best kayaking tours across the world


If you’re after big water, huge rapids and amazing waves, then head to Canada and the Ottawa River. Here you'll find some of the safest big water in the world. Two different channels offer a range of rapids to suit and entertain everyone, from beginners to the elite.


In the high summer you can paddle the calm waters of this fjord where hundreds of icebergs break loose from the region’s large ice sheet. Paddle through a maze of floting ice chunks and have a chance to spot whales and seals along the way.


Craggy bluffs, rocky headlands, sandy beaches and ancient towns that cascade toward the sea, are just part of the allure of kayaking the Dalmatian Coast.

Top 5 places for kayaking


If you want to kayak in the most clear and clean water in the world, then you must choose to experience this in the water of the Soca River in Slovenia.
This river is considered to be the most beautiful river. It has a lot section, which determines its difficulty while kayaking.


Nothing’s better for a kayaking newbie than a peaceful paddle through the San Juan Islands in Washington. This tree-covered archipelago features a number of charming coastal towns and tranquil coves for kayakers to explore.

The Amazon

Winding for over 4000 miles through three different countries, the Amazon river is one of the most incredible nature-havens on which to kayak.

The most essential tips for kayaking

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    If you’re going down white waters, we’d highly suggest you touch-up on rapid safety practices from Raft Masters. A quick flip of your kayak can suddenly put you in a life-or-death situation. And every decision counts.

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    The Water Body

    As a beginner, you must understand how the water is reacting. You must learn proper hand signals and right gestures that are required for the kayakers to learn and understand. This helps to communicate while you are kayaking.

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    Choose the right
    life jacket

    Perhaps the most important kayaking tips that you can follow are those about choosing a life jacket. A life jacket is an essential piece of equipment for all paddlers, regardless of experience level, age, or the type of water you're paddling.

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Kayaking and canoeing are the two best hobbies in our life.

We offer our customers the most beautiful kayaking trails in Europe! If you go to the Soča river in Slovenia this trail is a must for you! We guarantee great fun and rest during our tours. Soča has the clearest waters in the world. Kayaking is a great choice for those want to have active rest and view the beautiful nature! Enjoy the pure water and extremely exciting kayaking activities!

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